Company Overview

The Himalayan Rabbit Farm is a socially and environmentally committed company that provides essential inputs, like- quality breed and custom-made design for shed construction, operational guideline for rabbit farming, market linkages and innovative marketing approaches as to the real benefits of rabbit meat into the prospected market. Identifying the local resource base, rabbit production will be promoted through hutch construction utilizing locally available materials and feeding with fodder and forages produced locally. In order to meet the production requirements, feeds are prepared by use of by-products of cereals considering minimization of use of inputs that doesn’t pose threat to human food. 

To introduce naturally produced, healthy rabbit meat as an alternatives to intensively produced meat options.

Society in which people have access to affordable nutrition and opportunities to sustain themselves in harmony with nature. 

To become a centre of excellence on rabbit farming, marketing research and capacity development of rural and urban rabbit entrepreneurs in Nepal 
Goals and Objectives
1.   Establish an excellence centre- a one stop solution for rabbit breed production, experiential knowledge sharing and processing centre to provide farmers with market access to their products. 
2.  Contribute to address the food insecurity and malnutrition issues of Nepal by introducing rabbit farming system, so that the locals can produce healthy meat in their own premise and make a way of income selling them.  
3.  Develop sustainable rabbit production system by promoting forage and fodder production at local level as a source of rabbit feeding and materials for hutch construction utilizing uncultivated lands for rural areas. 
4.  Develop the capacities of youths as an agent to promote rabbit farming as a viable business opportunity by providing training on the production and marketing aspects. 
5.  Carry out continual research on rabbit production and marketing techniques so as to establish rabbit farming as an attractive way of raising income, contributing to the society and environment. 
6.  Utilize the by-products, like manure and skin for preparing nutrient rich organic nutrients for the plants and raw material for leather products respectively. 
The Himalayan Rabbit Farm being the pioneer of rabbit farming business in Nepal, we work together with different partners within the country and abroad to enhance our technical capacity so as to upgrade the rabbit farming system. We strive to offer our clients with the highest quality and naturally produced rabbit breed and meat products. 

Our Valued Clients

Bajeko Sekuwa, Satdobato and Sukedhara Outlet
Le Sherpa, Lazimpat, Kathmandu
Chez Caroline, Babarmahal Revisited, Kathmandu
Embers Restaurant, Krishnagalli, Lalitpur